Effects Of Drinking Carbonated Water On Your Health (Is It Safe?)

Call it fizzy water, soda water, seltzer, sparkling water or even water with gas, its all carbonated water in short. Is it good for you or does it have any negative effects or is it just harmless?

How is carbonated water prepared?

The presence of carbon dioxide in water creates carbonated water. This process is also called charging the water. Nowadays it is possible to buy water chargers for home use so you can make carbonated water at home.

Carbonated water is not different from soda water, though the latter may also have the presence of salt, sodium bicarbonate and sodium citrate.

How does your digestion get affected by carbonated water?

There has been no research indicating any harmful effects of carbonated water on digestion. It has been known that carbonated water may be as harmless as drinking water because they are no different except for the presence of a gas in former.

Drinking water while eating is harmful to digestion, it does matter if you are drinking normal water or carbonated water.

Effect of carbonated water on your dental health

There were some speculations that carbonated water may be harmful to your teeth but it was determined that the dissolution potential of carbonated water is also negligible compared to soft drinks.

You should be careful about drinking carbonated soft drinks which are potentially more harmful due to the presence of chemicals and sweeteners. More over carbonation breaks down the calcium in our body leading to damage to the teeth structure and weak bones.

Disadvantages of carbonated water

To be on the safer side, older people should avoid drinking carbonated water as it might have an impact on their bones and teeth. There is also some speculation that carbonated water can lead to kidney stones.

Carbon dioxide is harmful to the body so why take it through water also?

Beneficial effects of drinking carbonated water

It is a well known fact that carbonation of water kills several harmful bacteria. It is safer to drink carbonated water than drink regular water especially when you are visiting foreign countries.

There are no special benefits to be had with carbonated water.

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