6 Super Effective Ways To Lose Belly Fat Naturally (Personally Tried)

A trim stomach area gives a fit look to a body. No wonder, men and women alike desire to have a flat stomach, with no belly flab, or juggling love handles.

When you have the right knowledge it’s easier to achieve results, so the purpose of this post is to give you some effective insights on the various aspects involved in reducing belly fat. If you can put these insights into practice you can achieve a trim waist line, with reduced or no belly flab and no hanging love handles.

Before we get into the details, it’s important to gain some perspective on how/why we tend to gather fat around our tummy region, so let’s start with that.

What is the Cause of a Bulging Belly Area?

The human body contains “fat cells” that are distributed across the body.

These fat cells perform the function of storing “lipids” (or fat) which can be used by the body when sufficient calories are not obtained from the food intake. Moreover these fat cells also perform the important function of cushioning, or creating a padding, around internal organs and also insulate the body.

Apart from being stored around the internal organs, and in the liver and kidneys, fat cells are accumulated in the form of “adipose tissue” around certain regions of the body.

In women, adipose tissues (with fat cells) mainly aggregate around the thighs, buttocks, breast and hips, whereas in men these tissues are mostly congregated around the “belly” region and chest region.

That’s the reason why men are more likely to have a belly flab compared to women who are more likely to have bulky hips. (However, in women, after menopause, the fat cells tend to aggregate around the belly region and become a cause for belly flab).

Given the fact that in a female body, before it reaches menopause, fat mostly gets deposited around the hip region, there is less concentration of fat around the stomach in younger women, but it’s possible to have a slight flab around this region owing to excess fat deposition in the body.

In men, however, it’s easy to develop tummy fat and have a flab around the belly region, with protruding love handles, because of the concentration of fat cells around this region – that’s the reason why men have a harder time getting rid of belly fat than women.

Strategies to Lose Belly Flab

The secret to have a flat stomach is to lose the fat concentration in your body.

Remember that the flab is created by the “enlargement” of fat cells due to over deposition of fat in them.

So if you reduce the fat content in the fat cells, they will come back to their normal size and your body would take a natural toned look.

Here are some effective strategies to reduce your belly fat and even develop a “pack” (4,6,8) around the stomach (if you find it over ambitious you can just stick with a flat stomach).

1.) Avoid feeding excess calories to the body

Remember that it’s the excess calories that get stored as “fat” in the cells.

From the food that you eat your body takes up a few calories for performing external actions and a few calories for performing internal functions. Some calories are used to feed the muscles, tissues and to generate new cells, anything that’s left out is “excess calorie” for the day and the only option is for the body to store it in fat cells.

As an individual, you will need to determine the average amount of calories that your body requires for its sustenance and develop a system where-by you avoid exceeding this amount through food intake.

You can use the “calorie requirement” calculator to get an approximate idea of how many calories are sufficient for your body.

You can also use a websites like calorieking.com to get an estimate of the number of calorie present in a certain food item that you are consuming.

I know it does not seem too cool to become a calorie counting food geek, but a calculative and disciplined approach can give you effective results than a trial and error approach.

2.) Focus on Aerobic exercises

Apart from managing the calorie intake it’s also essential to burn off the stored up fat in order to reduce your fat accumulation.

The only way to burn off fat is to use up the calories, you obtained from food intake, in a manner that requires the body to take the calories from the “fat cells” to supply your energy needs.

Aerobic exercises like speed walking, running, jogging, cycling and swimming are effective means of straining the body physically to burn up the calories.

If you are new to aerobics, start off slowly and increase your exercise duration as you gain more stamina and strength in your muscles. Exercises like running (outside or on a treadmill) or speed walking help tighten the muscles around the stomach region and also causes the body to shed fat to adapt to the routine. Aerobics are far more effective than weight training when it comes to toning the stomach region.

30-45 minutes of aerobic exercises per day should be your goal, but you can start off with 15-20 minutes of exercise initially to get your body adapted to the routine.

Make sure you find a way to enjoy this exercise routine instead of doing it as a “chore” – get some cool gear, join a good gym or just choose some nice location where you can exercise while enjoying the surroundings.

3.) Abdomen exercises for better toning

If you can perform a few abdomen exercises per day, along with your aerobic exercise routine, you will be able to achieve the result of having a toned stomach faster.

Stomach crunches or sit-ups (you can check out various sit up routines on some instructional youtube videos) and squats are two main routines that help tone the muscles around the abdomen region.

Try doing 10 repetition & 3 sets everyday for each routine (you can increase the sets or reps as you go along).

4.) Consider eating an all fruit breakfast

One of the best ways to reduce body fat is to take up an all fruit breakfast routine where you eat only fruits in the morning, till noon.

Citrus fruits are virtual fat burners because of the presence of Vitamin C in them.

You should start off your morning with a glass of lemon juice, in warm water and follow it up with exercise and then a breakfast of cut fruits (focusing more on citrus fruits). You can get more information on this post on how an all fruit breakfast can help reduce fat – burning fat through fruit breakfast.

Consuming vitamin C rich foods before exercising helps the body burn fat faster.

5.) Reduce consumption of foods with saturated fats

Of the three macro nutrients – carbohydrates, proteins and fat – it’s seen that fats have double the calories of the previous two.

If you eat one gram of carbohydrates or one gram of proteins you would gain 4 calories while 1 gram of fat would cause you to gain 8 calories.

But your body does require healthy fats (mono saturated fats with essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6),

so what you need to reduce is the consumption of saturated fats. Foods that contain a lot of saturated fats are – cheese, butter, lard, cream, red meats and palm oil.

Also make sure that you consume healthy fats in moderation mostly through “whole food” sources like grilled fish, olive oil, avocados and lean cuts of poultry.

6.) Focus on eating whole foods

One of most effective ways to control body fat is to eat a diet focused on whole foods rather than consuming processed and refined foods.

Whole foods like whole cereals, lentils, vegetables, nuts, fruits, poultry, fish, white meat and eggs are rich in essential minerals, vitamins and provide marco-nutrients in sufficient quantities to meet the calorie requirements of the body.

Processed foods like pastries, cakes, milk chocolates, ice-creams, burgers, pizzas, candies, refined flour breads, refined sugar sweets etc are not only calorie intensive but use an unhealthy mix of fats and refined carbohydrates that are generally bad for the body.

In conclusion

A pronounced belly fat is just your body’s way of telling you that you need to make a more conscious choice relative to your lifestyle, mostly with respect to your diet and exercising habits. A healthy diet with a disciplined exercise routine will easily ensure that you lose your belly fat and accomplish your desire for a flatter, and well toned, stomach.

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  1. Thank you for the information. I read the line that says “Remember it’s the excess calories that get stored as fat in the cells”. How does this statement apply to “healthy” foods like fruits. I read on another of your pages that I could eat all of the grapes that I want to and not worry about it but fruits also add calories to the body. Am I overthinking this or should I stick to a certain amount to meet my daily caloric intake?

  2. How about doing skipping rope. I do 500 jumps per day. And increasing it day by day. How far it is useful in loosing the belly fat?

  3. Hi guys, I am going to try this lemon in warm water first thing in the morning. I know someone who tried this and she looks pretty good. Thanks for the info.

  4. Hi Tim, loving your articles! I have a big doubt: they say to avoid citrus fruit in the morning (like the only meal in the morning) because it will affect your stomach in a long run like the develop of an ulcer. In addition, they also recommend to have 5-6 meals a day to boost the metabolism therefore, you will burn fat; so having citrus breakfast until noon or lunch time does not precisely give you the chance of having 5-6 small meals a day but less. Can you clarify my doubts please? thank you!

  5. I have started working out 11 weeks ago after 10 years. I’ve cut down on sugar and tried to eat less, I jog morning and night for 1 hrs 3 days a week and 1 hr 2 days.. I’ve also worked with 5lb dumbbell 60 reps curls, hammers, butterflies and over the shoulders but only 1 sets 4 days a week and try to put in ab workout 3 days a week. I’ve lost 17lbs but still have a lot of belly fat. Thanks for all the comments n advices on here, I will start the lemon water tomorrow n see how it works! Oh I’m female 36 yrs 5’2″ 121lbs. Want to lose 6 more lbs but mostly the belly fat!

  6. Hi guys! Try the lemon water every morning and a little bit exercise will help you lose weight. I tried it and it really works! I was 51kg before and now I am only 48kg for only 1week! Good-luck guys!

  7. I do this exercise 3 – 4 times a week. The body needs plenty of rest in between with a minimum of 8 hours sleep if possible. I also have a cheat day usually Sunday when I have a Domino’s pizza or something. It helps to have a goal to look forward to. My goal is my holiday in 6 weeks. Gotta get slim for that beach. 🙂

  8. I have been following your advice for the last three weeks and I must say I have trimmed down a couple of inches on my waist. I’ve been having smoothies for breakfast with citrus fruit, low fat yoghurt, crushed almonds and crushed flax seed. I was fairly fit before I started but I had belly fat that I couldn’t get rid of. I have upped my exercise as the weeks have gone on as I feel stronger and fitter. Skipping (jump rope) has worked really well. I started of fat ten mins a day and now I’m up to between 45-60 mins a time. This is after I have performed the ‘spartacus’ routine. If nobody has heard of it try it! It’s a really good all in one workout but don’t go all out the first time as I did ( I couldn’t walk for 3 days, seriously !) keep up the good tips Tim it’s a great free info site. Much appreciated!

  9. Another options for excursive is interval training. It’s been said you burn more calories in the long run by sprinting then jogging then sprinting than just doing continuous running. This is due to the muscles afterwards uses up calories to restore themselves.

  10. This article is really good. I have belly fat and I hope after trying these tips I will feel better. Thank you.

  11. This is a great article but I have one question – I have some fat build up right above my butt on the sides of my body right at the bottom of my back. I don’t know if that would be considered love handles or what but what exercises should i do to target that specific area?

  12. Your site is educational. I’ll make sure to try the fruit breakfast to see how it works on my protruding belly

  13. The warm lime kinda blocks my stomach, but when I take it with room temperature water is okay. What do you think?

  14. Hi Tim. May I know if skipping rope helps to slim my thighs? I have a normal body weight but I felt that my thighs need improvement. They have fats all around it. Will jumping rope 200 times per day help me? And what about hula-hooping? Does it slims my waist? I don’t do heavy exercises like running and sort of. So hope you can reply! Thanks 😀

  15. To find a great article on weight loss like this I would have burnt a lot off calories, moving my mouse around :P. Now am on “citrus breakfast” to loose the remaining. Thanks for the article!

  16. I’ve tried so many different weight loss methods, but recently started your fruit breakfast method, funnily enough with just two apples in the morning I don’t feel hunger pangs till 1 p.m. I have done that for 2 days and feel great.

    I stumbled across your website today and got loads of oranges, limes and pineapples to add to my very good friend “the apple”. I’m optimistic it will work and am looking forward to drinking lime juice in water tomorrow morning (hope cold water will be okay, as I can’t drink lime in warm water without sugar”.
    I really want to loose weight and trim my tummy and love handles.

    I also have a stepper at home and spend about 12 minutes every morning on it and also use my dumbbells to work on my arms. This is the best website I’ve seen so far on weight loss as its so educative. Thank you!

  17. Can avocados be eaten in place of other proteins or is an avocado supposed to be used more like nuts as a “healthy fat” snack option?

  18. John – You can speed up the fat loss by including 30 minutes of resistance training after your treadmill workout. A few routines you can include in your resistance training can be – bench press, push ups, pull ups, sit ups, squats (with weights) and lunges. Resistance training is a great way to burn calories while also developing a toned body, and you can see much faster results, with respect to hip/belly fat reduction, when you combine resistance training with your aerobic workouts like jogging.

  19. Thank you for your articles, they are really good & easy to understand. Just want to know the impact alcohol intake can have on fighting belly fat or weight loss.

  20. I do speed walking daily on my tread mill duration-30 minutes (twice a day):

    First 5 minutes – speed of 6.5
    Next 5 minutes – speed of 7
    Next 10 minutes – speed of 7.5
    Next 5 minutes – speed of 8
    Last 5 minutes – speed of 8.5

    I want to know whether it will reduce my belly fat and my hip/butt fat?

  21. Umar – In men, the belly region contains a concentration of fat cells. You would need to look at your diet and balance your intake of calories in such a way that your work-out can create a deficit of calories in your body which the body then will take out from the fat cells. Eat nutritious food, to get your minerals and vitamins, but cut down on your calorie intake which focusing on your work out – you will need to make the body start using up the fat stored in your belly region and the only way it’s going to do that is when there is a calorie deficit. You will also need to work on abdomen exercises – sit ups, vertical leg rises, side leg rises etc.

  22. Your article is so good and interesting. Here I want to share that I am strong build man, age 33 years. I am a good runner and I am doing strength training too, but I still have very big tummy and lover abdomen with love handles. Kindly tell me what I should do to get rid of it?

  23. @Skip, I have done extensive research as well. Tim’s article is quite correct, there are multiple methods. Also, grain being “for the birds” is a huge misconception. Grain is good for the body, especially to those who are Vegan, or Vegetarian as I am. I have consulted multiple Nutritionists, clinics, and done research over these things as to stay healthy with my Vegetarian eating habits. Basically, do ALL your research before posting. This article is very insightful. I’d like to see one directed towards Vegetarians and Vegans. 🙂

  24. Your information is misleading. Short duration high intensity interval training and strength training are the best exercise methods to melt fat. Go slow first if you are not fit but progress later on. Long duration aerobic exercise makes you lose lean muscle but store fat.

    You will take many months to burn your belly fat if you focus on exercising abdominal muscles. Instead, target all big muscles.

    The dietician-subscribed diet has proven to never work well to reduce fat. Take as much LEAN-meat protein like red meat and eggs and good fat like omega-3 but cut down a lot on carbs. Taking protein signals our body to use fat as fuel. Taking too much carbs tells our body to store fat for survival. Most fruits are good. But do they have protein? BTW grain is anti-nutrition. It is for birds. So, readers do more search for your own good.

  25. Your article helped me to know how easily we can keep ourselves fit following simple things which we usually ignore. Thank you so much for reminding me all such Tim.

  26. Hi, my name is Janna and I am 31years old. I just had my 3rd kid and don’t feel sexy or pretty to my hubby. I am overweight and not happy with myself. I read your articles on every page of this site and I am going to try the things you said like fruits for breakfast, aerobic ab exercises, watch calories and eat right. I am hoping this works for the best, and I believe it will. I love the work you do to help people get in better shape on tv and lose weight. If you have any other suggestions or anything to help me be healthy and look good again, would be more than greatly appreciated!

    1. Janna, work on developing a positive mindset towards your body and visualize the desired body shape you are looking to get to. Visualization has a strong impact on how your cells your will you use intelligence to move towards the desired result. Focus on jogging 6 days a week moving towards a 45 minute routine over a span of 2 months, it’s the best work out to get back in shape – I’ve given some jogging tips on this post – jogging tips for beginners.

  27. Thank you, Tim. Learnt a lot. Please, more highlights about ‘speed walking’ and how is fat lost when one goes for a swim?

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