Identify Negative Patterns And Develop a Positive Mindset to Lose Weight

You may have various reasons to lose weight, however the most important reason is to get healthier.

Being obese is being unhealthy in many ways – I don’t need to state the various health risks that you run because of high body fat percentage. However, I don’t condone the fear-based advertisements that are being run in order to get people into new diet-programs, because though fear is a great motivator it’s also a negative motivator and usually causes you to do more harm to yourself than good.

Your true motivation, to lose weight, should come from a place of love. When you truly starting loving yourself for who you are and want to better your body as an expression of love for yourself, that’s when you really get on the right track.

It’s so easy to see that people who feel negative about themselves, never seem to acquire their ideal body no matter how much action they put in. They seem to constantly sabotage their efforts with the negativity in their mind.

The journey towards getting a healthy toned body, starts first in the mind.

The first step is to get your mind moving in a positive track and let actions come from this place of positivity. Developing a positive mind state is a precursor to effectively lose weight and become healthy.

Develop the right mind state for losing weight

Become aware of your thought patterns in the mind about yourself, and observe if they are predominantly negative or predominantly positive.

A few questions you can ask yourself are:

  • How do I feel about myself, as a person?
  • Do I feel good about my body?
  • Am I more self-critical or self-loving?
  • Do I place my joy above meeting expectations of others?
  • Do I feel positive about my life or am I looking at life negatively?
  • On a given day, how many hours do I feel joyful or at peace with myself?

If you spend time to introspect on each of these questions, it will give you a very clear indication of whether your vibration is “positive” or “negative”.

If you sense that your vibration is mostly negative, it’s time to work on your way of thinking, your mindset and your attitude towards yourself and life.

Any action you take from place of negativity, just ends up creating some reflections of negativity back at you, and you’ve lived life enough, and observed life, you will always know this to be true.

Bring a positive outlook towards your body

You need to start feeling good about yourself, if you want positive results in your life. This is because, a good health is basically an external evidence of your inner state of positivity.

If you notice, people who enjoy good health consistently are the one’s who feel good about themselves in their mind, and this mindset allows them to make the right choices towards their health.

If your argument is that – “people who feel good about themselves have better conditions than I have”, well it’s just your mind’s way of being self-defeating. You need to make a choice – are you willing to continue fueling your mind’s negative thoughts or are you willing to make a positive shift in your life by first starting to love yourself for who you are?

If you don’t love yourself, through and through, you can never really sustain a positive health. Your self-hatred is what will constantly sabotage your well-being more than any diet or external factor.

Connect with yourself

Spend time with yourself, alone, and connect with your body and being.

Get a sense of what a beautiful gift your physical body is in all its uniqueness. Life is a journey, and the whole beauty of this journey is in the journey itself, there is no real destination to reach – the whole purpose of your life here is to express/experience yourself in your wholeness and savor the journey.

Everyday is an invitation to live life more fully and your body is the vehicle through which you are going to experience life. Learn to appreciate your uniqueness, stop comparing yourself with others, know that you are a unique expression of life, and come to a place of feeling unconditional love for being who you are with all your imperfections.

We are not here to become “perfect”, we are here to enjoy, express, and experience, our uniqueness just as we are and the whole goal of having a healthy body is to enjoy yourself, and your life experience, even more.

In Conclusion

To develop an unconditional love for your body, as it is, is the first step to bring about any lasting positive transformation.

When you feel negative about your body, your thoughts create a negative reflection which keep you from attaining the positive reality of a healthy body. Once you have the right mind state in place, you will be automatically inspired to take the right actions required to bring your body to the ideal state of health and fitness.

If you feel you are over-weight and desire to get fitter, it’s important you understand that a positive mind state is the foundation for losing weight – without this foundation in place, you cannot build a solid structure of your desired reality.

5 thoughts on “Identify Negative Patterns And Develop a Positive Mindset to Lose Weight”

  1. I always lost hope when ever I am doing all the possible things that I can, but still getting fatter. But now I will be more serious, and I will also love my self for what I am, and I will also develop a positive mind. Thank you!

  2. This article rocks. I have had numerous times where I got my weight down and went back up. Never did I think I had an issue with a negative outlook toward my body. Thanks! Now a new article could be written in ways to change the negative outlook!

  3. I just realized that I have a negative outlook towards my body and this probably could be the reason why I am not losing weight. I am never able to stick to a diet plan and when I don’t lose weight, I get depressed and end up eating more and skipping my exercises. Will work on changing my outlook from right now! Thank you!

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